Art Deco Signed

Style > Moderne

  • Pair Of Art Deco Appliances Bronze And Tulip Signed Schneider 1930
  • Morin & Degué Art Deco Lamp Iron Nickelé And Dome Glass Pressed Signed 1930
  • Rare Lamp Pair Moderniste Art Deco 1930 Signed
  • Former Art Deco Lustre By Degué In Pressed Moulded Glass
  • Hettier - Vincent Lampe Art Deco In Bronze - Tulip In Pressed Glass Signed 1930
  • Nice Art-deco Chandelier In Moulded Glass Signed Degué Early 20th
  • Luster Art Deco Glass Bowl Press, Signed Mouynet Mold, Candle Light
  • Lorrain Nancy Grand Ceiling Art Deco Skyscraper Glass Pressed Signed In 1930
  • Hettier Vincent & Lamp Art Deco Bronze & Tulip Glass Pressed Signed In 1930
  • P. Davesn Night Lamp Art Deco Glass Molded Signed Bronze & Nickel 1930
  • Light Pair Art Deco Modernist Building Skyscraper Signed Robert J. 1930