Art Deco Signed

Style > 1920-1930

  • 20th 1920 Statue Woman Nue Assisi Art Deco Signed Maf Plaster With Patina Bronze Art
  • Statue Walking Panther Green Enamelled Earthenware Art Deco Signed T. Jaillet
  • André Collot Drawing Watercolor Painting Portrait Young Woman Elegant Art Deco
  • Camille Roche Drawing Art Deco Art Animalier Lion Lione Fau Tableau Aquarelle
  • Drawing Original Art Deco Aristides Rechain Argentinian Woman Elegant Tango Dance
  • Paul Élie Dubois Watercolor Drawing Gouache Orientalist Painting Algeria Hoggar
  • Painting Breton Landscape Bretagne Scene Pardon Oil 20s Art Deco Church
  • Maurice Milliere 1871 1946
  • Table Dupouy Old Georgette (1901-1992) Museum Dax Bouquet Flowers Oil
  • Leo Fontan Drawing Table Young Girl Child Portrait 1920 Art Deco Fox
  • Leo Lele Portrait Drawing Young Woman Arlesienne Arles Table Watercolor Gouache
  • Watercolor C1920 Interior Of A Church With Stained Signed Madeleine Picolet
  • Art Deco Pierre Le Faguays 1930's Statue Fayral Olympia Bronze Patina Green
  • Alexander Ouline Unusual Art Deco Bronze Victory On Its Marble Base
  • Georges Gobeau Dit Gobo Pastel Painting Drawing Landscape Rocks Marine Bretagne
  • Marcel Goupy Painting Landscape Brittany Cote Rocky Marine Sea Oil Rocks Art