Art Deco Signed

Matière > Marbre

  • Salvado Peacock Dancer. Large Regulated Statue On Marble Base Signed
  • Moreau H. Pair Of Book-cutters Appearing From Mice In Regular On Marble Signed
  • Art Deco Sculpture Woman Aux Lévriers Signee Salvado Fonte D'art Et Marbres
  • Old Greenhouse Pair Ceramic Books Statuette Signed Raffour
  • Rare Pendulum Art Deco Decoration Of Seagull On Marble Signed Irénée Rochard
  • Pair Of Serre-livres Paon Signed Ted. Art Deco. Animal Food. Black Marble. Rare
  • Moreau Hyppolite Art Deco Regular Clipboards On Marbre Pelican Signed
  • Ancient Statue Regulates Art Deco Signed On Marble From. Uriano
  • Superb And Large Statue Art Deco Signed Janle Marble Onyx (max Le Verrier)
  • Very Rare! Marble Bronze Clock Set Clock Chryselephantine Signed Art Deco
  • Sculpture Art Deco Greyhound A Representative On Marble Base Signed Carvin
  • Trim Pendulum Art Deco Marble Woman Signed Gapaillard
  • Pendulum Art Deco Signed G. Gori Women At Dogo
  • Great Panther Statue Art Deco Marble Base Signed M. Leducq
  • Marble Onyx Clock Mantelpiece Deco Bronzes Signed Art
  • Art Deco Statue Woman Dancer With Scarf Signed P. Sega France Marble Pedestal
  • Benjamin Rabier Bookends Pair Art Deco Fables From A Decor In Regulates Signed