Art Deco Signed

Type > Pied De Lampe

  • Rare Grand Foot Lamp 38 Cm In Pate Glass Art Deco Signed Gallé Tip
  • Art Deco Lamp Foot Glass Pate Signed Muller Freres Moonville
  • Grand Pied De Lampe En Pate De Verre Art Deco Signed (muller Frs Luneville)
  • Lamp Art Deco, Wrought Iron Foot, Glass Paste, 1920, Signed The Francais Verre
  • Keppel Nancy Lamp Foot Signed In Wrought Iron Hammered And Repelled 1920
  • Art Deco Era Glass Paste Lamp, Muller And Brothers Ht 54 Cm
  • Foot Lampe Art Deco En Pate De Verre, Signed Muller Freres Luneville, Vase
  • Great Art Deco Lamp Art Nouveau Fungus Foot Wrought Iron Cauldron Signed
  • Daum Nancy D'era Lamp Foot Art Deco Glass Multilayer Signed 22cm H
  • Foot Bronze Lamp, Old Tulip Glass Paste Signed Schneider
  • Mushroom Lamp, Foot Metal, Glass Paste Signed Muller Brothers Art Deco
  • Leg Lamp Art Deco Glass In Pate, Signed Muller Freres Luneville, Vase
  • Art Deco Lamp Base, Charles Ranc. Unsigned
  • Daum Nancy Vintage Art Deco Lamp Base In Multicouche Signed Glass 22cm H