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Rare Paul Colin (1892-1985) Le Bal Negro Gouache Signée- 1925

Rare Paul Colin (1892-1985) Le Bal Negro Gouache Signée- 1925
Rare Paul Colin (1892-1985) Le Bal Negro Gouache Signée- 1925
Rare Paul Colin (1892-1985) Le Bal Negro Gouache Signée- 1925

Rare Paul Colin (1892-1985) Le Bal Negro Gouache Signée- 1925    Rare Paul Colin (1892-1985) Le Bal Negro Gouache Signée- 1925

Gouache signed lower left 20x15 cm. And one of the most innovative and influential.

In the first part of. Childhood and adolescence paul colin bathe in. \One of the centers of the new art. Apprentice in a printing press in 1907, amounted in 1910 to eugene vallin.

At the school of Fine Arts of Nancy. He confirmed after the First World War. Where he was wounded at the Battle of Verdun.

In 1916 as the leader of the modern school of lithographed poster. Or through new reproductive technologies using gravure printing. It will be the author of more than 1400 posters and according Gérald Schurr.

Over 700 stage sets and costumes. There seems to be a coincidence that Paul colin, years after the First World War.

Where he moved after after his discharge and where it is still an unknown provincial painter giving drawings to several magazines like fantasio. His former comrade front andre daven. Became deputy director of the theater fields Élysées.

And who appoints poster designer and decorator. The theater then welcomes Swedish ballets.

Bringing paul colin in 1925 to create the poster of the film clear reborn imaginary trip with Jean Börlin. Principal dancer of the group, is the star. Paul colin however revealed that year 1925 by the poster. To which, before delivering the final version, he follows a long rehearsal of the coming Broadway troupe.

Consists of fifteen musicians whose bechet sidney. And thirteen dancers including a girl of only 18 years, Josephine Baker. Which replaces the star New York refused to make the trip.

The poster paul colin helps launch the career of Josephine Baker after their love affair they remain friends. At the same time as his. \In a geometric marked by African influence, Paul Colin depicts brilliantly along body joséphine baker and places sandwiched between two heads of musicians blacks \Became the poster in fashion, paul colin will work for almost forty years in the arts and entertainment world.

\His style, very early marked both by art deco. Quickly becomes very personal and difficult to get into a single category: efficiency in the count. \The synthetic accuracy of his portraits, strength evocation of his posters for the major causes are a master of visual communication whose piece is exemplary and very current today. His black tumult album (1927), glorifying him as Josephine Baker.

\Adding in the preface of the album. \Soon it will be so dark that first need a match to see clearly, then another to find out if the first is lit or not. The negro magazine, is undoubtedly a masterpiece. \It was in 1929, at the same time a member of the new union of modern artists. The founder and director of an art school, the school \It forms the students are of all nationalities, for example the German ruth bess. Become a recognized artist and particularly the famous poster artist Bernard Villemot. In 1931, he drew a portrait of Suzy vase. At the request of Jean Mermoz. In 1932, he traveled in Russia. Paul colin takes position in the war Spain. In favor of the Republican camp. As stated his poster 1939 paris should not be madrid.

Tomorrow, besieged by the Reichswehr. Commercial freedom for the Republican Spain whose silhouette, dramatic Cubist. The signed poster paul colin silence the enemy threatens your confidences. Qu'édite in February 1940. The French government of the Third Republic.

Reproduces the ambient anxiety, in a time when a climate of spy mania, as the mythical threat of the \ If, after the armistice of June 1940. The artist created several posters with humanitarian themes.

He refuses to work for both the German occupiers for the French state and thus returns to easel painting, brushing flower bouquets. Resumes the poster job is marked by mariana.

Stigma, allegory of the republic in ruins and clothing Phrygian cap. Wearing the hands the marks of the crucifixion. Suffering but standing, looking towards the liberators.

Painted in the only three national colors. Date paris is not yet released, marianne stigma is to be reproduced in large quantities to be displayed on the walls of the cities of France. The poster tribute to the liberators of paris is created by paul colin for an evening organized at the initiative of the Liberation newspaper November 11, 1944 at the Chaillot Palace. Accused in 1946, the artist knows well.

\Paul Pollock was also an important collector of primitive art. And minerals and exotic shells.

On the evening of his life, paul colin model of polychrome sculptures Cubist-inspired. The item \The seller is \This article can be shipped worldwide.

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    Rare Paul Colin (1892-1985) Le Bal Negro Gouache Signée- 1925    Rare Paul Colin (1892-1985) Le Bal Negro Gouache Signée- 1925