Art Deco Signed

Pair Of Serres Books Art Deco Sculpture Ceramic Polychrome Muller 1925 1930

Pair Of Serres Books Art Deco Sculpture Ceramic Polychrome Muller 1925 1930
Pair Of Serres Books Art Deco Sculpture Ceramic Polychrome Muller 1925 1930
Pair Of Serres Books Art Deco Sculpture Ceramic Polychrome Muller 1925 1930
Pair Of Serres Books Art Deco Sculpture Ceramic Polychrome Muller 1925 1930
Pair Of Serres Books Art Deco Sculpture Ceramic Polychrome Muller 1925 1930
Pair Of Serres Books Art Deco Sculpture Ceramic Polychrome Muller 1925 1930
Pair Of Serres Books Art Deco Sculpture Ceramic Polychrome Muller 1925 1930
Pair Of Serres Books Art Deco Sculpture Ceramic Polychrome Muller 1925 1930
Pair Of Serres Books Art Deco Sculpture Ceramic Polychrome Muller 1925 1930

Pair Of Serres Books Art Deco Sculpture Ceramic Polychrome Muller 1925 1930   Pair Of Serres Books Art Deco Sculpture Ceramic Polychrome Muller 1925 1930
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Possible vices caches when there are and which are of nature to be able to make renounce a purchase. For this reason, returns are refused. In case of dissatisfaction, if a detail has escaped me, or in case of damage on delivery thank you to contact me before any unjust and unjustified initiative. If necessary, you will be able to choose a delivery cost in relation to your budget management. At the time of the order confirmation the buyer undertakes to pay the compensations paid in relation to the method of delivery which he has chosen in the event of loss, dispossession or deterioration of the package.

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Where appropriate, any negative assessment left is considered to be abusive, since any act of purchase is motivated by these general terms and conditions of sale. Art 4 - any processing of personal data is subject to the provisions of our code of ethics and privacy policy which form an integral part of these cgv. If any part of the Cgv were to be unlawful, invalid or inapplicable for any reason, the provisions in question would be deemed to be unwritten, without calling into question the validity of the other provisions which would continue to apply between the buyer or buyers and the seller, unless it was an impulsive and decisive clause which led one of the parties to subscribe to the paid option accompanied by a free option or not. Article 5 - the seller may not be held liable in the event of failure to perform the order or failure to perform it, either by the buyer or by force majeure. Article 6 - the particular characteristics are made available to facilitate the purchase and are in no way equivalent to the specifications of the original production for each designated item. All items sold in this space are considered second-hand even when in new condition with original label and/or packaging. Art 7 - the objects presented being second-hand, have little or no chance of being subjected to the hazards of time in terms of ageing, storage, manipulations, uses, washing or any characteristic which may have altered the initial character of the plant and/or machining. Recalling that the items sold being used objects, even when these are considered new according to the condition specified in the advertisement, it is up to the buyer not to acquire products considered vintage, collection and/or used. Therefore, it cannot be attributed to the seller even the state of use, if any, when specified.

Art 8 - in the specific case of clothing, by convention, the dimensions are taken with the utmost care, at best and at the most precise for each flat garment, following the following protocol: neither by pulling as much as possible, nor by minimizing the measurement. In order to ensure a better readability and readability of the diagrams present in the advertisement. The dimensions for jackets are taken for the following criterion of lettering.

Has sewing or end to end depending. B from the outer bottom of the collar to the bottom of the jacket.

C from the outer bottom of the collar to the end of the sleeve of the jacket. D from low seam to the end of the sleeve of the jacket. The dimensions for the trousers are taken for the next criterion of lettering.

At the total width of the waist circumference. B the total external height of the trousers from end to end. C the total inside height of the pants of the pendulum to the end of the pants at a random midpoint from end to end. The dimensions are given at the moment t when they have been measured but can only be given as indicative, given the distinctive character of certain materials such as fabric which can be distended, or the specific character of a piece such as the lack of a piece of marble reducing the dimension on an angular part.

The list of specific cases is non-exhaustive and relates to the specific nature of each item in each advertisement. Also, the seller's liability cannot be incurred for all part of the undeclared characteristics but may appear to be allegedly minor given the use and occasion character, even ancient or old, for the ads specified as such. For the condition and for the specific case of dimensions, if the procedure for describing or taking the measures falls within the scope of irremediable vitality for the purchaser, the latter may, before the act of purchase, request confirmation of the dimensions, inter alia, specifying the conditions under which they must be carried out, and without a possible risk of degradation for the object being requested. The dimensions given here are considered approximate even if they are as precise as possible. They are executed to give an estimate so that the customer can make an idea, in relation to the size indicated on the label where applicable and when it is present and communicable and any data whose physical character appears in the photo.

The dimensions given correspond in particular to an objective characteristic and not to a technical precision of the mode of production linked to a specification. For it is necessary to note that the dimensions taken different in the time of the size of the label and the measurements given by the firm itself, for the same series and for the same model. The photos are contractual within the limits of the technical data used, namely the shades of shades and colors that can vary in reality depending on the time, place, quality of the device(s) used to fix the image, and the very resolution of the user's screen. Art 9 - the condition of each item put on sale is described objectively and benevolently.

An error of inattention is always possible as to a detail which has escaped the watchfulness or consciousness of the seller, until the time of the writing of the advertisement and the packing or packing for dispatch. Any claim must be addressed to the seller of this advertisement. Any claim for a reason that has not been put forward and informed at the time of writing the advertisement will be treated with respect and interest. Otherwise, any abuse until a negative, neutral and even positive assessment of a defamatory nature or harmful to the image of the seller, if it proves to be all the more unjustified, may be prosecuted before the competent courts. Oute negative assessment in contradiction and/or in opposition to only one of the articles of the General Conditions of Sale may be the subject of a request for withdrawal.

Art 10 - in case of arrangement in private or by direct offer of the acceptance of a price with including a graceful discount on the costs of ports, with or without the option of hand-delivery, the buyer will have to wait until the invoice is updated before confirming the order in order to honor it. If the order is confirmed by the buyer without the invoice being updated, the buyer will have to complete the entire order without being able to benefit from the negotiated benefits. Any shipment will only be effective when the total amount of the order is recovered. Regardless of the amount of the sum paid that would not be the total payment of the invoice is considered as an advance payment and is subject to the legal provisions in force. Art 11 - any purchase made, the settlement will have to be effective within 4 days of the end of the sale under penalty of open dispute for non-payment. Art 12 - any regulation will have to be carried out by one of the means clearly defined in the announcement. Bank transfer, cheque, bank cheque, and, if applicable, cash for hand-delivery. Art 13 - any shipment will be made to the address specified in the order details.

Art 14 - the cost of shipping includes the quality of service, i. The cost of all materials related to packaging and the time spent to ensure the best quality of service. Art 15 - any shipment will be made in the terms validated in the advertisement, namely 5 to 7 working days upon receipt of the settlement, up to 30 days or more in case of payment by simple cheque after validation of the seller's bank of the correct receipt of the funds for validation of the customer's solvency, for coins considered exceptional and of sensitive quality. A specific delivery service may be considered at the customer's request and at his expense, against the guarantee that the total settlement will proceed to the seller, and once the funds have been made available under the conditions desired and desired by the seller without even the manifestation of the seller.

Any order processing must be carried out in the serenity permitted by the time allowed and declared in the advertisement and the cgv, any form of harassment, even by means of instant messaging, is subject to the regulations in force, and left to the seller's discretion until the evaluation left by the buyer and which would be defamatory in relation to the conditions of sale validated by the latter until the confirmation of his order. If a parcel was to be returned to the sender, while the address of the consignee is valid and/or conforms to the address indicated in the order's details, it can only be re-delivered if the buyer pays the shipping costs again, so that it is sent under a new tracking number. Subsequently, it is up to the buyer to file a claim with his delivery services for redress and compensation. Tangible proof of shipment remaining the property of the sender. Art 17 - the buyer is perfectly aware when confirming the order of the option of transport by postage which he decides to choose, within the limits of the options proposed, and assumes full responsibility for it in case of loss, deterioration and dispossession of the product by compensation according to the option he has chosen when confirming the order.

It follows that the seller is responsible for the packaging, to the extent possible, as in no case, liable, for any damage caused by the carrier (delay, loss, damage, dispossession) and for the insurance and compensation options that the buyer validates when confirming the order. The method of pricing is subject to services and compensation or not in the event of loss, deterioration or dispossession of the product. Provides the general terms and conditions of the post and follow-up conditions for the details of each service provided with respect to compensation and recourse. By being synthetic and without excluding for the buyer the consultation of the conditions of sale of the service providers concerned and dedicated for specified mentions and which can themselves vary by bus which can themselves be updated. 1 - economic service: right to no guarantee of dispatch since no follow-up is provided.

2 - follow-up letter: lump sum allowance of 18 euros with follow-up guarantee. It is only for the purchaser to inform himself before the purchase and confirmation of the order of the possible additional insurance and/or compensation options at the additional cost to be borne by him and thus to request a possible additional option before the confirmation of the order.

Any request for modification of the order must be made before confirmation of the order from the seller for agreement. In all cases the customer will have to complete the order once the purchase has been made. Art 18 - apart from the hazards inherent in the carrier and which are independent of the seller's will (loss, theft, degradation, dispossession). Avoid the traps of the delivery people asking for your signature without even presenting the package to you. No liability for transport shall be assumed without a complete separation of the delivery slip.

If the package was to be presented with damage, you must have a record of such damage, on the container and contents, if any, with the delivery department at the time of the damage. The package must first be opened in front of the postman. If the inspector refuses the inspection, and the package is damaged, refuse to show it. It will then have to be returned to the parcel centre post and/or made available to the post office of your choice, so that in case of deterioration or other adverse hazards during transport, a statement can be drawn up by the service concerned.

The buyer must therefore bear in mind the possibility of refusing any packages that arrive damaged so that they are, fortiori, inspected in front of a post office clerk, in order to prepare the report and to operate the compensation if necessary. Without finding, the seller will not be able to operate the insurance purchased at the time of confirmation of the order, and will not be able to make the refund if the shipment is effective, or if the appeal becomes difficult or impossible. Art 19 - the buyer buys cgv and ad in full consciousness. The object is sold in the state and in accordance with the advertisement.

In order not to participate and promote the trade of false and plagiarism and to the detriment of the seller, the artist or his possible legatees, no return will be accepted for products classified as antiques, artistic and cultural. With the exception of these same ancient, art and cultural products, if after tacit agreement with the seller whose exclusive responsibility is incurred thus forcing the return, the buyer undertakes to return the object to the receiving State, by not making use, or any modification, or copy of the designated object. In order to do so, please notify us upon receipt of this document and send it back to us after our tacit agreement.

The return must be made at the expense of the purchaser in service followed and at the cash amount of the confirmed order, within 7 days from the date of receipt and in its original packaging. Reshipped items can only be refunded on condition that the customer returns them in the same condition as when it was acquired in terms of presentation in the advertisement. Any request for reimbursement beyond the seven-day period after delivery (a valid mail order) will not be accepted. Any product returned by a buyer, without having previously obtained a return agreement, cannot be refunded and will be returned to him at his own expense. All return costs are borne by the buyer.

This confirmation will clearly indicate. 1- if the product has been properly received and meets the conditions for obtaining a refund (product in perfect condition of resale). 2- if the product has been used and/or damaged, it will be indicated if the return is accepted (in case of refusal, it will be returned at the customer's expense). This refund can only be made by the same process initially used by the buyer, within about 15 days after the confirmation of receipt of the product returned to the customer is sent. Any claim beyond 15 days after receipt of the package cannot be accepted.

3- returning the object to its original packaging upon receipt does not exclude an over-conditioning to be carried out and according to the rules of art for checking the condition and damage upon receipt motivating the return, whatever the reasons for this return. Art 20 - private advertisement and cgv whose content, including photographic credit, is subject to copyright - the total and even partial reproduction without authorization as well as plagiarism exposes you to legal proceedings under the Intellectual Property Code (IPC) bringing together all the laws and regulations relating to the protection of intellectual creations. This code deals with literary and artistic property (copyright and related rights) and industrial trademark, patent, etc. On 1 July 1992 the laws relating to intellectual property, in particular the Law of 11 March 1957 and the Law of 3 July 1985. Even partial reproduction, among other things, of cvg constitutes a fault within the meaning of articles 1240 and 1241 of the Civil Code (formerly articles 1382 and 1383) which are entitled to compensation. Effective case law of the betting commercial court's decision 15. Judgment of 28 September 2015, sound strategy c/ concepson explaining that the mere fact of drawing significant inspiration from the general conditions of a competitor characterizes a parasitic act that can give rise to between 1,000 and 5,000 euros of damages.

Art 21 - these cgv are subject to French law and by default to international law, and of which French law is required, in any act of purchase which was to become effective and efficient in the country in which the object is located, and in view of the presence of the advertisement on French digital territory. Any purchase made with this advertisement is governed by these general terms and conditions of sale and is considered to be complete and unconditional acceptance of these general terms and conditions of sale which have been specifically specified cgv in the contents of these terms and conditions by being considered legitimate by the contractor from the first phase of the purchase act. The person in charge and owner of the advertisement and these terms and conditions of sale. This item is in the category "art, antiques\art of xxe, contemporary\sculptures, statues".

The seller is "deco_collec" and is located in this country: en.
  1. style: art deco
  2. matter: ceramic faience
  3. artist: muller
  4. characteristics: signed
  5. Authenticity: original
  6. period: xxeme and contemporary
  7. theme: decorative arts

Pair Of Serres Books Art Deco Sculpture Ceramic Polychrome Muller 1925 1930   Pair Of Serres Books Art Deco Sculpture Ceramic Polychrome Muller 1925 1930