Art Deco Signed

Type > Vase

  • Rare Vase On Foot Claudius Linossier Dinanderie Art Deco Sign
  • Small Vase Holder Pencil Art Deco Signed Capron Vallauris Jean Derval
  • Art New Art Deco Vase-signed Louchet Ceramic And Bronze Gilt-top Quality
  • Pair Of Art Deco Vases Authentic Signed François Moreau In Art Metal
  • Art Deco Decor Purple Glass Vase Glass Money Sign Circa 1930
  • Pretty Vase Art Deco Shaped Ball Signed Degué Early 20th
  • Vase Art Deco-signed Charder
  • Blown Glass Vase With Decoration Of Inclusions Signed J. P. Mateus Art Glass Decoration
  • Art Deco Vase In Molded Glass Color Green Water Signed Pierre D 'avesn
  • 1930 Vase In Baccarat Crystal Engraved Art Deco Signed
  • Pair Of Large Vases Art Nouveau Bronze Helene Sibeud Signs Melle Sibeud 1900