Art Deco Signed

Type > Suspension, Lustre

  • Art Deco Center Chandelier Glass Depoli + 3 Tulips Degue Sign Frame Iron Forge
  • Old Chandelier Art Deco Gilded Bronze 3 Tulip Glass Paste Signed Muller Luneville
  • Beautiful Art Deco 4 Lights Chandelier In Nickel-plated Bronze And Chrome Signed Degué
  • Pretty Modernist Art Deco Chandelier 4 Lights Chrome Plated Brass Signed Bev 609
  • Old Chandelier Art Deco Pendant Signed Degué Frosted Glass
  • Rare Chandelier Signed Muller Freres 6 Tulip Cups And A Basin Bronze Mount
  • Old Luster Glass Glass Signed Muller Freres Luneville
  • Rare Chandelier Art Deco Sign C Ranc France Lamp French Wall Lamp Degue Muller Daum
  • Old Art Deco Chandelier In Pressed Glass Signed Gilles
  • Chandelier Art Deco Sign Hanots Lamp French Wall Lamp Degue Muller Daum
  • Chandelier Glass Paste 1930 Art Deco Signed Degué