Art Deco Signed


  • Pair Of Serres-livres Bronze Signed Silvèstre Ed. Susse Brothers Buffers
  • Pair Of Art Deco Ezan Corner Wall Sconces And Opalescent Glass Signed
  • Pair Of Wall Art Deco Tulips Glass Signed Holophane Brass Swan Neck
  • Very Nice Pair Of Lamps Art Deco Iron And Tulips Signed Degue 1930
  • Pair Of Greenhouse Books Birds On A Branch Signed Frecourt
  • Pair Of Floral Appliques Signed Verdun
  • Pair Of Wrought Iron Gratings Art Deco Separation Signed Janin Nancy Era Brandt
  • Pair Of Bookends Sandstone Flamed Of Rambervillers Signed Alphonse Citere
  • Pair Of Book Greenhouses Cats Signed M. Leducq Art Deco
  • Pair Of Bookends Signed The Verrier / Bookends The Savetier And The Financier
  • Pair Of Large Vases Art Nouveau Bronze Helene Sibeud Signs Melle Sibeud 1900
  • Legras Pair Of Vases Early Twentieth Grave Sign Acid Vase Soliflore Glass Art Deco
  • Pair Of Articulated Lamps In Bronze And Tulips Pte Glass Signed Muller
  • 1950/70 Maison Charles Pair Of Brass Lamps Signed Coryntian Columns
  • Pair Of Lamps Signed Hettier & Vincent
  • 1950/70, Charles House, Pair Of Charles Lamps, Fractured Resin Egg Signed