Art Deco Signed


  • Beautiful Old Painting Bouquet Dillets Oil On Canvas Signed Andre M C1940
  • Georges Gobeau Dit Gobo Pastel Painting Drawing Landscape Rocks Marine Bretagne
  • Beautiful Old Unsigned Painting, Lion Tamer, Art Deco Woman, Circus
  • Table Still Life Bouquet Dillets Flowers Signed Painting Watercolor Art Deco
  • André Pierre Lupiac, Painting, Painting, Mythology, Art Deco, Woman, Eroticism
  • Signed Painting Hoft Dated 1930 Les Mille Et Une Nuits Orientalism Art Deco
  • Gaston Blondeau Drawing Lion Lioness Fawn Table Art Animal Art Deco Animals
  • Painting Fernand Bivel (1888-1950) To 1915 Woman At Her Toilet
  • Beautiful Art Deco Table Ec. Bretonne Paul Gregoire Douarnenez Seaside Brittany
  • Big Painting Of Hurard Joseph, Oil On Panel, Aveyron
  • Albert Sebille Drawing Gouache Painting Port Dunkirk Marine Sailing Boat Arsenal
  • 1960 Georges Wesche Painting Art-deco Modernist Cubist Abstraction Form-free
  • Marcel Goupy Painting Landscape Brittany Cote Rocky Marine Sea Oil Rocks Art
  • Pastel Painting Jean-albert Grand Carteret (1903-1954) Nude Art Deco Frame Of Origin