Art Deco Signed


  • Bronze Art Deco Lamp Molded Glass Signed Schneider Genet Michon Muller
  • Armand Godard, Aladin France, Signed, Old Night Lamp Art Deco Lamp
  • Beautiful And Rare 1930 Bauhaus Lamp Signed Ilrin
  • Daum Nancy 1940's Luster Iron Forge Pate De Verre Sign Art Deco Lamp Tulips Art
  • Rare Chandelier Art Deco Sign C Ranc France Lamp French Wall Lamp Degue Muller Daum
  • Schneider Art Deco Lamp Glass Paste Signed Wrought Iron 1930 Old
  • Lamp Berger Signed R. Lalique Model Artichoke Art Deco 1930, Daum, Sabino, Muller
  • Rare Art Deco Lamp Robj Foot And Tulip Signed Schneider, 1900 1930 Lamp
  • Daum Nancy Vintage Art Deco Lamp Base In Multicouche Signed Glass 22cm H
  • Lamp Art Deco Sign Muller Tulip Bowl Obus Donna Degue Maynadier Chandelier
  • Lamp Art Deco Sign Degue Lamp 1910 Tulip Vasque Muller Degue Daum Chandelier
  • Pretty 1950 Lamp In Scarified Ceramic Signed M M To Identify
  • Lamp Night Light Burns Colonial Scent Limoges Signed Rauche (duchaussy)
  • Old Lamp Le Tanneur Saddle Leather Signed Desk Lamp Tischlampe Design Adnet
  • Chandelier Art Deco Sign Hanots Lamp French Wall Lamp Degue Muller Daum
  • Night Lamp Sculpture Bronze Cat Signed Ch Yrand Era Art Deco
  • Daum Nancy Signed Art Deco Lamp Wrought Iron (edgar Brandt) And Glass Paste
  • Old Art Deco Lamp Muller Freres Signed Hettier And Vincent 1930