Art Deco Signed


  • Glazed Ceramic Vase Art Deco Style Has Décor Gazelles (signed And Numbered)
  • Statue Madonna And Child Signed Heuvelmans Art Deco Porcelain Enameled Ditto Robj
  • Pretty Flowers Pique Ball Enamel Red Tomato Signed Pottery The Brague
  • Enamelled Ceramic Vase Art Deco Style Decor Of Birds (signed And Numbered)
  • Virgo Pendant Gold And Enamel Signed Faure Camille Limoges Enamel For Gold
  • Small Box Silver Massive Gilt Enamel + Aksel Holmsen Signed Art Deco
  • Head With 8 Pieces Enamels Longwy Signed Art Deco Ttbe
  • Camille Fauré Limoges Vase Enamelled Landscape Japonisant Art Deco Enamels Signed
  • Art Deco Powder Box With Enamel Of Limoge Signed Camille Fauré Enamel Box
  • Enamel Pendant Signed Camille Faure Limoges Around 1930 Enamel Pendant
  • Fruit Bowl Blown Glass Enamelled Relief With Floral Decoration Signed Leune Art Deco
  • Enamelled Ceramic Ball Vase Art Deco Style Octopus Decor (signed)
  • Beautiful Vase Art Deco Signed Adrien Mazoyer Enamelled Glass 1920/30 Enamel Twentieth
  • Acid-enamelled Floral Glass Paste Vase Signed Legras Art Deco
  • Salters + Knife Holder Art Deco 1925 Signed Moreau Glass + Enamel