Art Deco Signed


  • Former Grand Ceramic Glazed Vase Signed On Argyl Art Deco Year 30 40 Paris
  • Enamelled Ceramic Vase Art Deco Style Decor Of Birds (signed And Numbered)
  • Large Vase Ceramic Vallauris Signed Louis Giraud Art Deco Height 33 Cm
  • Adnet Pigeon White Earthenware Flight Ceramic Art Deco Ceramics Signed
  • On The Art Deco Era Cup Ceramic Signed Moda With Mount In Metal
  • Pretty Kettle Ceramic Signed Desimone Italy Vintage
  • Vallauris Wood + Ceramic Living Room Coffee Table By Barrois Vintage 60/70
  • Ceramic Dish With Geometric Abstraction Signed Mm To Identify
  • 08d24 Old Nude Woman Cup Stylized Ceramic Art Deco Sign Edouard Cazaux
  • Pierre Saint Paul (1926-), Large Dish In Ceramic. Sign. Sant Vicens
  • Enamelled Ceramic Ball Vase Art Deco Style Octopus Decor (signed)
  • Pretty 1950 Lamp In Scarified Ceramic Signed M M To Identify
  • Woman Bust Art Deco Ceramic Signed Denbac Metenier
  • Old Ceramic Vase Signed I. Sena N ° 36/2000
  • Art Deco Sculpture, St Clément Ceramic, Signed H. Fugere 1925-1935
  • Superb Gres Sign Primavera Art Deco Vase New Ceramic La Puisaye
  • Rare Statue Art Deco Ceramic, Spanish Porcelain Signed Robj Paris
  • Sublime Vase Soliflore Ceramic Polychrome Signed Guive Khosravi Dated 1988