Art Deco Signed

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  • Blown Glass Diffuser Suspended Granite Enamelled Signed A. Mazoyer Art Deco
  • Table Ancient Creole Hst Female Nude Signed Gaston Marty Bordeaux Art Deco
  • Charming Old Watercolor Signed. Landscape In Art Deco Beautiful Oval Frame
  • Head Girl By Gustave Miklos Art Deco-cubism 1930
  • Naked Woman Bronze Sculpture Ancient Art Deco Signed Sylvestre Susse Foundry
  • Max Le Verrier Art Deco Old Rare Large Statue Years 20 30 Bronze
  • Lamp Art Deco Iron Shell Pet And Glass Signed Deross Ross Deross
  • Diana, Clay Sculpture, Laveysse, Süßes Brothers, Old Art Deco Statue
  • Great Watercolor Signed P. Astruc Rose Bouquet Framed, Then From 1950 To 1960
  • Pair Of Wall Art Deco Tulips Glass Signed Holophane Base Porcelain
  • Pillbox Art Deco Avant Garde Signed Punch Goldsmith. Jean Dunand Style
  • Pair Of Wall Art Deco Tulips Glass Signed Holophane Brass Swan Neck
  • Sculpture Armand Lemo Art Deco Warrior Goddess Warrior Goddess
  • 30's Art Deco Demeter H Chiparus Bust Girl Terracotta Bust Signed
  • Ancient Bronze Indochinese Woman Art Deco School Of Fine Arts C. 1910-1930
  • Marcel Bouraine 1886-1948 Large Bronze Art Deco Has Green Patina
  • Trio Wall Sconces Art Deco Tulips Glass Pate Signed Elf
  • Pastel Painting Jean-albert Grand Carteret (1903-1954) Nude Art Deco Frame Of Origin