Art Deco Signed

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  • Pair Of Art-deco Wall Ezan Signed Mold Glass Mount Bronze Gold
  • Cup Tripod Signed Rare Jewel Schneider Le Verre French Vase Charder
  • Hanots Of Molded Glass Signed Table Lamp Wrought Iron Muller Schneider
  • Degué For Mouynet Series Of 3 Art Deco Tulips Signed In Molded Glass 1930
  • 3 Art Deco Tulips Signed Muller G. V. Croismare
  • Degué Series Of 3 Art Deco Tulips Signed In Molded Glass Pressed 1930
  • Chandelier Art Deco Glass Shell Mold Press Sign Muller Freres Luneville
  • Glass Vase For Chandelier Art Deco Decor Hortensia Signed Muller Hettier Vincent
  • Old Chandelier Art Deco Pendant Signed Degué Frosted Glass
  • Superb Suspension Glass Paste Signed Etchaco Era Art Deco Very Good Condition
  • 5 Tulips Signed Ros Degue Art Deco
  • Rare Flacon Vaporizer 1920 Signed Robj Paris Art Deco
  • Blown Glass Vase With Decoration Of Inclusions Signed J. P. Mateus Art Glass Decoration
  • Art Deco Vase In Molded Glass Color Green Water Signed Pierre D 'avesn
  • Chandelier + 3 Tulips Art Deco Period Signed Gv Croismare Muller
  • Beautiful Vase Signed Sabino Glass Opalescent Blue France 1930 Art Deco Glass Lalique
  • Salters + Knife Holder Art Deco 1925 Signed Moreau Glass + Enamel
  • Robj Night Light / Brule Perfume, Glass Paste And Hammered Iron Signed 2 Times