Art Deco Signed

Matière > Céramique

  • Art Deco Cracked Ceramic Vase With Signed Woman's Body Decoration
  • E. Sielg Beautiful Ceramic Sculpture Cracked Art-deco Lioness Huntress
  • Sculpture Art Deco Ceramics Signed Cracked White Dax Les Colombes
  • Large Box Art Deco Ceramic Signed Paul Millet Sevres Diameter 20.5 Cm
  • 06c23 Old Statue Naked Woman On Horse Ceramic Art Deco Signed Lemanceau
  • Large Ceramic Art Deco Maurice Dard Signed Large Flat Face Woman 40 Years
  • Maurice Guiraud Riviere Art Deco Ceramics Factory André Fau Boulogne Woman
  • Riccardo Scarpa Sculpture Terracotta Patina 1930 1940 Art Deco Era
  • Jaz Pendulum Art Deco Wrought Iron Africanist 1930 Signed Brandt Style Subes
  • Ceramic Art Deco Craquelée Signed David D'yerna
  • Raoul Lamourdedieu. Sevres. 1930 Art Deco 45cm. Woman Asleep
  • Pair Of Wall Art Deco Tulips Glass Signed Holophane Base Porcelain
  • Sculpture Woman Naked Art Deco
  • 08d24 Old Nude Woman Cup Stylized Ceramic Art Deco Sign Edouard Cazaux
  • Pair Of Wall Art Deco Tulips Glass Signed Holophane Brass Swan Neck
  • Armand Godard, Aladin France, Signed, Old Night Lamp Art Deco Lamp
  • Ancient Animal Statue Faience Cracked Elephant Dolly Sign Lejan Art Deco
  • Pat Aroma Signé Night Light Lamp Art Deco Cavalier King Charles